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alondite, angsting about my parents, beating the black knight, being a mercenary, being bros with chrom, being bros with elincia, being bros with ranulf, being clueless, being hated by shinon, being the town bike, boyd, break the badass, crimea, failing at romance, gallia, gatrie, giant turkey legs, hating king ashnard, hoyay with soren, idolizing my father, insomnia, magical amnesia, meat, mia, mist, nightmares, not being nobility, not caring that soren's branded, not political bullshit, oscar, oscar's cooking, prince reyson, protecting mist, ragnell, rescuing herons, rhys, ribs, rolf, sandwiches, saving crimea, saving the world, sharing my bed with soren, shinon, soren, sparring with boyd, sparring with mia, steaks, striking down gods, stupid au headcanons, the greil mercenaries, titania, zelgius
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